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Web Developer and Engineer

I'm currently looking for new opportunities in an environment where learning never stops.

I enjoy building all sorts of things!



InstaPulse is a mapping app that allows you to discover trends via Instagram photos over time and space in San Francisco. Built on Rails using both the Instagram and MapBox.js API's

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Moodlist is a dynamic playlist creator that smoothly transitions your current mood to your desired mood through the power of music. Built with Sinatra using the Echonest and Spotify API's.

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Dirty Hipster

Dirty Hipster utilizes the Soundcloud API to seamlessly create playlists based on the tastes of your favorite artists. It features a filter to "hipsterize" the results!

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Game of Life

Game of Life is a clone of Conway's Game of Life, written completely in object-oriented Javascript.

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Tech2Me is a Stack Overflow clone for tech interview questions built with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AJAX, jQuery, RSpec, and Capybara.

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Front-end Development

I have a solid grasp on HTML, CSS, and modern Javascript. I know that the key to usability is good design.

Back-end Development

I have a strong foundation building applications for the web utilizing frameworks such as Rails or Sinatra. Currently I'm hacking on Node.js. Test Driven Development is a no-brainer.

Mechanical & Electrical Prototyping

I have professionally built many complex mechanical and electrical systems. I particularly enjoy Arduino projects!

Product Development

On several occasions I have guided an idea through its initial vision, mockup, prototype, and onto completion using Agile methodologies.


Getting Serious About Startups: Northeastern University's IDEA

In the age of startup-mania, accelerators, incubators and the constant search for venture capital, Northeastern University is taking a proactive approach to getting would-be founders to an entrepreneurial happy-place …

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Together Tech Board: Daniel Trostli

Take a look at the robot above. If you’re thinking, “that thing looks like it’s probably capable of playing those strings in 3 different ways — as a piano, a guitar, or a violin — and it can probably do it faster than the average human musician,” then well… that’s an awfully good guess …

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From Aha! to I’d Buy That!

A high-tech cigarette case, dubbed “Layla,” that supports smokers in their effort to quit smoking. An infrared sensor records the number of cigarettes removed from the pack, and when. The data is sent to a computer or mobile device, where smokers can see not only how often they smoke, but also how much cash they’re dropping on cigarettes. The program also provides personalized stats to boost awareness about health risks, as well as motivational tips and a savings tracker …

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About Me

I started out with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, but once I began to code I was hooked! I love the combination of creative and technical problem solving that coding provides.

Originally from Brazil, I've backpacked through 30+ countries, lived on 3 different continents, and speak 2 languages. When I'm not programming I enjoy producing electronic music and DJ'ing.

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